It’s been a minute since I picked up the pen. I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. Life has truly happen, from fairy tales,to true nightmares. I’ve seen it all in these last couple of months. How do you ease the pain of a grieving Beast? You leave her alone allow her to do well in her kingdom . My sunsets are no longer beautiful, but it is the opportunity to the let out my rage. The break of dawn and the eagerness for my cup of coffee in the morning has sail into a pillow toss and a loud moan of reality. Processing through the process is not an easy task and today I’m not in the mood for your fuckin opinions. So with all due respect fall the fuck back. Shit I like dancing with the dinosaurs.


Dial tone


Damn the phone is ringing, the last time I spoke to him we were not on Good Terms. This passive aggressive s*** is for the birds.I love him with everything in me, but I’ll be damned if I continue to be his punching bag. Oh  s*** it’s on its third ring. Do I answer? or do I send his negative ass voice mail ? I’ve cried My Last Tear, I’ve done all I can do. I’ve been supportive in every way. They say sometimes letting go is easier than holding on. The 5th  ring and voicemail, question is will he call back? Will I answer? Do I just forget about what was said and move past it? Or do I express how I feel and hope like hell we don’t argue? I have tell the person I love I cannot live without him, to let him know that he inspires me to be a better woman. Tell him that it’s okay this too shall pass. How do you mend a broken heart? What do you tell a person when you have said it all? Not wanting to become a broken record you are just left in silence. Please don’t get it confused with me not being supportive, but what do I say s*** I’m empty too!  Encourage? I need encouragement! Bill’s, family ,friends ,work, school, kids.. Sometimes I just want to scream.. I am being the strongest person that I know how to be. but I have my faults too. I just want to wrap up in his arms and forget about yesterday and not have to worry about tomorrow..