Sweet Nectar


I need you to sit in this chair and prepare for your dinner

Don’t worry about a fork, a spoon, but you will need that knife later

Lean back a little baby, let me throw my leg on your shoulder

I will lean in closer allowing you to sample my love

Creamy kisses come down and I wonder how many licks will it take before you devour my peach

Slow, hard, fast, gentle licks Daddy, suck, nibble until I’m screaming for more

Don’t worry the wetter she gets I promise it’s better for you to slip and slide inside your love

But for now quench your thirst on the nectar of life as I satisfy your taste buds






Untouched, unexplored, unsure of what to look for you took control,

 Embrace me with your masculine hands, so strong yet gentle,

 I am falling in love with you,

Deep emotion, sensitivity, warm sensations, passion and ecstasy,

 I crave your touch

 My heart throbs when you kiss me

 My legs tremble at the touch of your tongue to kiss my breasts

I lose my breath when you look me in my eyes

 I feel safe in your arms, I’m impressed by the things you do, you are my inspiration

 Sending vibrations, amazing zigzags traveling up and down my spine as you explore my ebony body

 I am lifted into a cloud of silence as you begin to enter my gate



You Know…

Sometimes I battle with the thoughts of why? What does it all mean? I know we are not to question God. Yet instead take on the challenge and suit up for War… Ok got it. I’m a gentle being created in his image… But let me tell you, I am searching for that beauty. In the mist of it all, Constant reminders of “he will never put more on me than I can bear”. But this right here is heavy. I am not built for this. Yet I’m so built for this. It’s amazing how you can find your strength in the weakest moment.  I must confess this right here is not easy… I barely look deep into my own eyes because it’s my soul that is broken.  I just smile and put on a daily mask. Please don’t get it confused with me being fake in any way. But how do you let your guard down when you are scared of being hurt? Friends are not who they say they are, And family will do us in every time… Yes I know… put your trust not in man, but in the Father… I deeply understand, what happens when the one you love let’s u down? How do you get pass the feeling? Building a wall letting my guard down to those I feel are deserving in fear of showing my true reflection? Lord I am already broken and I can’t afford to be shattered. I’m so full yet so empty. So confused by my day to day… Yet I’m so focused on the future. Help me pick up my crown and walk Lord. I’m so Team us…I forget about me… I matter to right?


Summer Rain…


Hot sticky love I crave your humid touch…
Caress me with your Cool Breeze …
My knees buckle at the sound of your thunder …
Your lightning peacefully heals my soul…
Purify Me with every warm tear drop ..
My misty blue overflow my garden with your wisdom..

Nurture me with your knowledge…
Speak to my heart…
I love the way you feel on my skin..
My summer rain..

Dial tone


Damn the phone is ringing, the last time I spoke to him we were not on Good Terms. This passive aggressive s*** is for the birds.I love him with everything in me, but I’ll be damned if I continue to be his punching bag. Oh  s*** it’s on its third ring. Do I answer? or do I send his negative ass voice mail ? I’ve cried My Last Tear, I’ve done all I can do. I’ve been supportive in every way. They say sometimes letting go is easier than holding on. The 5th  ring and voicemail, question is will he call back? Will I answer? Do I just forget about what was said and move past it? Or do I express how I feel and hope like hell we don’t argue? I have tell the person I love I cannot live without him, to let him know that he inspires me to be a better woman. Tell him that it’s okay this too shall pass. How do you mend a broken heart? What do you tell a person when you have said it all? Not wanting to become a broken record you are just left in silence. Please don’t get it confused with me not being supportive, but what do I say s*** I’m empty too!  Encourage? I need encouragement! Bill’s, family ,friends ,work, school, kids.. Sometimes I just want to scream.. I am being the strongest person that I know how to be. but I have my faults too. I just want to wrap up in his arms and forget about yesterday and not have to worry about tomorrow..